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One thing we are highly regarded for in Edinburgh for is our workshop - from puncture repair to suspension strip down and rebuilds you can be confident our bike repair and servicing work will be done to the highest standard for the fairest price. Call or email us to book your bike in for some love.  There is no type of bike we cannot handle, commuters, mountain bikes, road bikes, tandems, weird ones, old ones are all welcome.  We aim to offer a 1 day turnaround, you drop off at 9.30am on your cycle to work and pick up at 5pm on the way home.  

We have Edinburgh's best equipped and staffed workshop - this is reflected by how busy we are and the level of repeat custom we experience.

We are passionate about making bikes work the best they can and they can deal with many types of work that most shops won't touch or 'send away' for other people to do.

We offer a wide variety of servicing options so we can get you a price as you are happy with for the actual work you need done.

In addition to this we will always seek to help you identify future problems that may arise with kit and bikes you own. Bikes are a very reliable and cheap method of transport and having fun - spending a little every so often makes sure the running costs are minimised.

To give you some guideline costs: 

A Basic Service is £35, it includes a brake and gear service combined, with the added extra of checking all other nuts n bolts. Think of this an optimisation and safety check of all the parts on your bike. This does not include part fitting if needed. Your gears and brakes will be set up as best they can to make sure they are working to specification and minimising wear and tear wherever possible. 

Standard Service is £65. This is the most frequent type of service undertaken - that's why it's called the Standard.

The standard service is the same as a basic service plus both hubs, the bottom bracket and headset are all adjusted. The wheels are checked for spoke tension, trueness and then trued if needed. (The Bottom Bracket and Headset are important bearing systems that can dramatically affect the bike's operation - PLEASE ask a member of staff exactly what these are if you are unsure and they will be happy to explain in detail. We operate a policy of making sure you know exactly what things are and we try not to use jargon or specialist terms unless you say them first!)

This is a great way of preventing large bills in the future, well maintained bearing systems will last much longer before needing replacing. There is no reason why even a cheap hub cannot last 20+ years of normal use if well looked after. Checking and truing the wheels helps keep them safe, and protects from spoke failure. Like a Basic Service, this does not include part fitting!

Born Again Servicing is £90, this is a full strip down and rebuild of the bike, with parts cleaned and lubed, everything checked, set and rebuilt. On this service there is no fitting charge for anything, so is a great time to add new parts, upgrades and replacements. It does NOT include fork/shock services and pivot rebuilds.

When submitting your bike to us you will be talked through everything that we think needs doing on the shop floor. Occassionally we see bikes that are beyond economical repair and you will be informed of this where needed.  From time to time the shop floor inspection may not see issues with the bike as they may only become obvious upon the mechanics stripping the bike down. You will always be called to talk about this and any costs this will incur.  It is very important we get accurate contact details from you when we book your bike in so we can call you if needed.  

Here are a few of the things that set our workshop apart from the competition in town. 

We stock a large range of suspension seals, and the tools to service them correctly (including Fox TALAS).

We hold a large range of sealed bearings, MOST pivot swaps and sealed hub services can be completed on the same day, with well priced high quality bearings.

Great stock of brake rebuild parts. The following brakes can be fully rebuilt with all key seals/parts replaced without any notice:

·Any Avid Juicy (3, 3.5, 5, 7, etc..)

·Avid Elixir

·Old Hope Brakes (C2, Mini etc)

·Hope Mono Mini

·Hope Mono M4, M6

·Hope Moto V2

·Hope Tech X2 etc...

·Hayes HFX 9

·Formula K18

·Formula K24 

Shimano brakes rarely fail/need maintenance.  

TBC operates a 'booking in' policy. Your bike is booked in for a date to suit you, you drop it off in the morning and then pick it up in the afternoon/evening.  This is the service time scale we aim for.  Please bear in mind that due to the massive range of parts available for bikes that there may be a delay to this turnaround if we need to order anything for you. You will of course be notified of this at the booking stage or at the time of the repair.

PLEASE, if you have a race or event or important trip or holiday coming up, book your bike in with plenty of time to spare!    

Upon completion of your job our system will send you an SMS message or email to inform you that your bike is ready.

Give us a call to chat about your bike on 0131 557 2801 

Please bear in mind you might not always get to speak to a mechanic if they are up to their elbows in grease and ball bearings!


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