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Road Bikes  

 For your convenience, we've split up our range of road bikes into three discrete categories:

Audax and touring bikes will generally have a more relaxed riding position for all-day comfort, though still with drop handlebars for speed when necessary. They will take tyres in the range of 25mm to 32mm and will likely take a rack and mudguards for all-year use and to carry a load when necessary.

Road race bikes are orientated more towards speed than comfort. They'll take a tyre of 23mm to 25mm width and will not normally have a rack or mudguard mounts. However, we can recommend the use of Crud RoadRacer mudguards when conditions dictate. Triathlon and Time Trial bikes are very single purpose, with a very areodynamic riding position and will be used almost exclusively for competition where saving 1/10th of a second could be crucial.

Finally, we've categorised all of our Women-specific road bikes together for ease of searching. Women-specific models have geometry more suited to the female form and will typically have narrower bars, shorter cranks and a different saddle. You ladies shouldn't feel restricted to this range though. Many of our female riders prefer a mens frame. If in any doubt, we recommend taking advantage of our bike fitting service.


If you want a road bike with the option of going off-road occasionally, you might want to look at a CycloCross bike. These are very versatile. Pop in to see us and we can talk you through their capabilities.

In addition to all of the above, check out our range of Urban and Hybrid Bikes as some of these have road-sized wheels for speed, while retaining a flat or slightly upright bar for comfort and maneuverability.




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Audax and Touring BikesRoad Race and Triathlon BikesWomens Road Race Bikes
Audax and Touring BikesRoad Race and Triathlon BikesWomens Road Race Bikes
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